You wouldn't run factory processes manually.

Why should hospital disinfection be any different?

Operating rooms

Studies have shown that environmental contamination in operating rooms is a major source of surgical site infections.

Blue light disinfection before and after surgeries can prevent over 70% of infections*, automatically.

*Based on clinical study conducted in the USA in orthopedical operating rooms.

Clean facilities in hospitals

Medicine distribution, sterile goods storage and other areas requiring a high hygienic level can be secured against contamination with continuous blue light disinfection.

  • Safe & sustainable

    100% Safe for people & materials. Chemical-free. UV-free. Does not promote antimicrobial resistance

  • Automatic & consistent

    Touch-free & continuous.

    You get the same high quality disinfection result every day.

  • Economical

    Maintenance-free operation for up
    to 10 years. You can also reduce the use of chemicals and associated labor.

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