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Spectral Blue

SPECTRAL GEA Ambulance disinfection device

SPECTRAL GEA Ambulance disinfection device


NEW! Spectral GEA is a single-mode disinfection device for ambulances and other vehicles. It's available for 12-volt and 24-volt systems and provides disinfecting blue light only. The device has onboard overheat protection circuit and comes with a 500 mm open ended cable.

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Product number: 12 VDC LTI2094, 24 VDC LTI1943
Features: Disinfection, overheat protection
Input voltage: Available as 12 VDC and 24 VDC variants
Power consumption: 12 W
Weight: 220 g
Dimensions: L 335 x W 43 x H 21 mm
Average lifetime: 50 000 h
Operating temperature: 0 - +40°C
Beam angle: 120°
Protection class: IP20
Materials: Aluminium body (alloy 6063 T6) + steel ends + Plastic (pc) diffuser
Installation: Screws, or alternatively with fastening clips
Control method: on/off
Warranty: 1 year. Extended warranty available.
Certifications: CE
Device name Prod. number Length (cm) Input power (W)
GEA-D-12 LTI2094 30 12
GEA-25-12 LTI2001 55 24
GEA-50-12 LTI2018 100 48
GEA-100-12 LTI2025 200 96
GEA-150-12 LTI2032 300 144
GEA-D-24 LTI1943 30 12
GEA-25-24 LTI1950 55 24
GEA-50-24 LTI1967 100 48
GEA-100-24 LTI1974 200 96
GEA-150-24 LTI1981 300 144

Product specifications are subject to change.