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Spectral Blue

SPECTRAL Super Catalyst Photocatalytic Spray

SPECTRAL Super Catalyst Photocatalytic Spray

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Our photocatalytic coating is now available in convenient aerosol cans! You can simply spray the target object or surface from around 30 cm distance. The liquid spreads evenly. One can can coat around 6-8 m2. We recommend spraying frequently touched surfaces every 3 months, and other surfaces 1-2 times a year.

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Name: SPECTRAL Super Catalyst Photocatalytic Spray
Product number: LTI1516
Size: 200ml
Active ingredient
Titanium dioxide
Water (>99.5%), Titanium dioxide (<0.4%), Silicon dioxide (<0.1%), Surfactant (<0.1%)
Manual spraying with an aerosol can. Optinally can be spread using a cloth after spraying.
10 ml/m2 per layer. Typical use 2-5 layers, depending on surface material.
Curing time
Premises can be used after a few hours. Recommendation is to allow the coating dry overnight. Surfaces must not be wiped until after 48 hours when final hardness has been achieved.
Other properties
Non-flammable. Non-volatile. Store at a cool and dark place. Do not freeze. Shelf life up to 18 months.

Product specifications are subject to change.