Customer reference: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Read how our customers are using the Spectral Blue surface disinfection system in environments requiring the highest standards.

Thermo Fisher Scientific laboratory in disinfection mode - Spectral BlueThermo Fisher Scientific is using Spectral Blue surface disinfection in laboratories

Customer problem:

Thermo Fisher Scientific develops, manufactures, distributes and services laboratory devices and equipment. High level of technology, quality and purity of the products set high requirements also for the production environment. The company also has microbiological laboratories where protective and containment measures are used to limit the release of microbes outside the premises. They decided to comprehensively introduce photon disinfection in their laboratories and production areas to further improve safety and protective measures of their premises and equipment.

The solution:

Comprehensive surface disinfection of laboratories is implemented by installing SPECTRAL L100 photon disinfection devices on ceiling and wall surfaces. Disinfection is controlled by presence detectors, which automatically switch on blue lights when the room is unoccupied. In addition, a movable SPECTRAL M200 is used to easily target and boost the disinfection on selected areas, such as insides of devices with microbial contamination. Biological safety cabinet is disinfected with a SPECTRAL CL35 photon disinfection luminaire and it didn’t even need to have holes drilled for installation, since it attaches on to the sidewall of the cabinet with magnets. Amount of bioburden transferring out from laboratories is minimized with LED Tailor WiSDOM DS UVC surface disinfection cabinet, by efficiently disinfecting small objects that are brought out from the laboratory, if for example disinfecting with ethanol seems inconvenient.


”Microbial exposure of our working environment and premises can constantly be retained on an appropriate level by using photon disinfection. Blue light is very suitable for this purpose, since it’s safe and does not harm materials. LED Tailor delivered a comprehensive disinfection solution quickly and easily. In the future LED Tailor’s solutions can be introduced in to our other premises too.”
- Suvi Teräslahti, Production Engineer