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  • Next-generation disinfection technology

    Spectral Blue™ is an automatic and continuous disinfection system that uses Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light to eliminate microbes in the air and on surfaces.

    MWHI blue light works against biofilm and multi-resistant microbes. It also does not promote the development of antimicrobial resistance.

    The patented UV-free and chemical-free technology is made in Finland.

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  • People flow

    70-80% of contamination found in cleanrooms can be human-associated.

  • Material flow

    5-15% of contamination found in cleanrooms can result from the handling of materials, equipment and water.

  • Air flow and ventilation

    10% of contamination found in cleanrooms can be associated with problems in airflows and ventilation.

Spectral Blue disinfects airlocks and cut-off rooms automatically in cleanroom facilities

Changing rooms and material airlocks

Microbiological contamination in cleanrooms can often be traced back to changing rooms and material airlocks.

Install Spectral Blue devices in these areas to automatically reduce the risk of contamination entering production areas. Continuous use keeps these areas clean 24/7, providing superior performance compared to daily manual disinfection.

Read what our customers have to say about Spectral Blue:

  • NEW: Large international pharmaceutical company

    Deploying Spectral Blue led to a substantial and persistent reduction of bioburden. The performance of their manual cleaning also improved thanks to blue light.

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  • NextPharma

    NextPharma installed Spectral Blue in cleanroom boundary areas: an equipment washing room and a material airlock. The system reduced contamination in adjacent production areas by 90%.

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  • Phillips-Medsize (Molex Group)

    Phillips-Medisize installed Spectral Blue devices in a material airlock to see the impact. Spectral Blue allowed them to go from doing manual disinfection five times per week to just once per week (80% less).

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  • Sterile goods storage, Mikkeli Central Hospital

    The storage facility is a critical node in the hospital’s logistics. Spectral Blue helps in keeping the room and the goods free of microbes 24/7 - without human effort.

    Read the whole customer story (pdf) 
  • Halton cleanroom ventilation unit

    Our OEM customer Halton, the leading vendor of hospital and cleanroom air ventilation systems, integrated Spectral Blue technology directly in their HEPA-filtered air vents.

A perfect replacement for dangerous UVC inside equipment

UVC tubes commonly used in biosafety cabinets and other cleanroom equipment are dangerous to people and materials. Their short lifespan and the mercury they contain also make them an environmental problem.

The good news is that you can replace old UVC devices with an alternative that is 100% safe for people, materials and the environment: Blue light disinfection by Spectral Blue™

Spectral Blue is chemical-free, UV-free, mercury-free, ozone-free and maintenance-free.

▶ Watch a video of how you can install it in 30 seconds.

See featured article: What are the differences between UVC radiation and blue light?

Spectral Blue reduces airborne particles in cleanrooms

Reduce airborne particles with blue light

Based on years of monitoring, our customer has shown that Spectral Blue can reduce also the amount of particles in the air.

Salofa Oy, a medical supplies manufacturer, installed Spectral Blue in their facility in 2015.

The number of particles less than 1.0 μm in size was quickly reduced by more than 98%. The number particles of 1.0–5.0 μm in size was reduced by over 60%. Click to see the complete graph.

Based on unique Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light technology

The patented technology utilized in Spectral Blue devices makes blue light disinfection effective against even the most difficult microbes found in ultra-clean environments.

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