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Customer testimonials

On this page you can find actual quotes from long-time users of Spectral Blue technology.


Customer observed substantial and persistent reduction of microbial burden in a cleanroom facility after deploying Spectral Blue in a personnel cut-off room. Results point to effective eradication of biofilms in the room.

- Undisclosed large international pharmaceutical company
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“We are very pleased with the test results and look forward to equipping further areas with automatic blue light decontamination.”

- Sari Autio, Director, manufacturing at NextPharma Oy
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“We are satisfied with the result and we intend to expand the use of the Spectral Blue solution more widely in our similar facilities. Automation brings cost savings and makes disinfection consistent and continuous."

- Head of production support operations at Phillips-Medisize
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“The number of particles less than 1.0 µm in diameter decreased by over 98% and that of particles 1.0–5.0 µm in diameter by over 60%, so we are extremely happy with the outcome! Tubes for specialized medical care must be sterilized before delivery to the customer, and thanks to the LED Tailor solution our sterilization costs have clearly come down. The system has now been in place for more than two years. We reached the current level of cleanliness within the first month, so the situation is very stable.”

- Jarmo Nykänen, Plant Manager, Salofa Oy, Finland
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Microbiology and clinical laboratories

”Microbial exposure of our working environment and premises can constantly be retained on an appropriate level by using blue light disinfection. Blue light is very suitable for this purpose, since it’s safe and does not harm materials. LED Tailor delivered a comprehensive disinfection solution quickly and easily. In the future LED Tailor’s Spectral Blue solutions can be introduced in to our other premises too.”

- Suvi Teräslahti, Production Engineer, Thermo Fisher Scientific
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“Spectral Blue proved to be an effective solution for putting an end to our Listeria contamination incident. We will certainly keep using it as part of our daily contamination control processes from now on. The fact that it’s safe and portable means we can easily use it in different parts of the laboratory as needed."

- Anne Kinnunen, Quality manager, microbiologist, SeiLab Oy
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“We invested in Spectral Blue for its unique capability to automatically prevent expensive contamination incidents. It makes our staff’s work easier when we know we can always trust the analysis results. At the same time, the health and safety of our staff handling pathogens is safeguarded."

- Virpi Suominen, Laboratory manager at Hankkija
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"The highest level of quality assurance and unwavering commitment to occupational health and safety are core values for Nofima. The decision to adopt Spectral Blue technology for automating laboratory disinfection was therefore easily made."

- Nofima, The Norwegian food research institute
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“The simplicity and safety of the device got us initially interested. Safety of staff and the environment are very important values for Optilab.

Having simple automation for safeguarding the cleanliness of our laboratory is of course fantastic too. The blue light reaches places that are difficult to disinfect with chemicals.

In our work, it’s critical to prevent cross contamination. Having blue light alongside our regular cleaning routines gives us peace of mind that everything is under control."

- Ulf Thorpert, laboratory manager, and Annika Liljeskog, laboratory assistant, of Optilab (Svenska Foder)
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“Why we chose Spectral Blue visible blue light devices instead of UV radiation in our biosafety cabinets?

In the decision, we looked at three things. First, we are committed to providing high quality and reliable results to our partners and customers. There is no room for contamination in our samples. With Spectral Blue, we know that the decontamination process works every day with the same efficiency.

Second, we take pride in taking good care of our employees. We want to use technologies that take into account their safety and wellbeing. Replacing dangerous UVC and reducing the use of toxic chemicals is an obvious choice for us.

Last, but not least, we want to make our operations as sustainable as possible. The Spectral Blue devices have a very long lifetime and do not contain mercury or generate ozone. This is important not only for us, but also for our customers and partners. Together with them, we want to reduce the environmental footprint of the whole value chain.

Spectral Blue delivers all these things and setting up the device took us no more than 30 seconds. We couldn’t be happier."

- Juha Matilainen, Laboratory Director, PhD; Nordic Laboratories
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”In our laboratory facilities our customers get to see and test the laboratory equipment we use and also sell. There are lots of visitors every day, so it is important for us to ensure a high level of hygiene in the premises. Photon disinfection has significantly improved our surface hygiene.”

- Suvi Kemmo, Sales Director, laboratory equipment, Berner
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Hospitals and healthcare

“The photon disinfection system is an improvement in hospital hygiene. Notably, it is used to destroy microbes on the surfaces of the Central Sterile Services Department. In the long term, the blue lights can prevent the spread of hospital bacteria.”

- Vesa Mäkeläinen, Head of Central Sterile Services Department, Mikkeli Central Hospital
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"The automatic, disinfecting blue lights in the toilets work fine and require no attention from the staff. Thanks to LED Tailor products, this year we were able to prevent the spread of the annual stomach epidemic for the first time! In addition to general well-being, the investment has also brought us savings, since staff absences decreased significantly during the epidemic as compared to previous years."

- Elina Konsala, HR Manager, Viola Nursing Home
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Dental clinics

“The photon disinfection system gives us better surface hygiene, improving occupational safety and raising employees’ energy levels. It’s important to us to minimise the risk of infection to particularly vulnerable patients.”

- Tiina Yrjö-Koskinen, dentist, private clinic
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“Hygiene requirements in healthcare are demanding, and high-quality disinfection of treatment facilities is in a more and more significant role. The blue light system has been in use in our cars approximately for six months now. We have been satisfied, the equipment has worked properly and flawlessly.”

- Jari Nyrhinen, the principal chief in medical transport, the procurement department of Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department
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Veterinary clinics

”Convenient size of the mobile blue disinfection device makes it easy to be moved around from one room to another. That’s why it’s almost always in use somewhere in the background, so improving the level of surface hygiene is indeed effortless.”

- Erica Lindell, Veterinarian, Vet Clinic Veterica
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“Surface hygiene is so easy to maintain with the blue lights in place! We had tried in vain to clean the traction mat on the treatment table several times, yet just after one night with the lights the blood stains could simply be wiped off the stitching! The result is so positive we intend to have our other facilities treated as well, such as the operating room and the dental care facilities.”

- Jouni Niemi, Head of Development and Veterinarian
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Schools & daycare

“The disinfection system was installed three weeks ago when the stomach flu period was at its worst. The effect was astonishing — the number of children with the flu remained extremely low. In our other unit, which has no disinfection system, the flu infected more than half of the children. It will be interesting to see if the system also decreases sickness in children in the long term.”

- Päivi Isopuro, Director of Kindergarten
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See also their follow-up statistics after 3 years of use: 70% reduction in staff's sickness absence.


“Our cooperation has run very smoothly and the microbial test results exceeded my expectations. By utilizing LED Tailor’s technology, new business opportunities have opened up to us.”

- Jouko Urpolahti, CEO, Vetrospace
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