Spectral Blue™ is an automatic and continuous disinfection system that uses Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light to eliminate microbes in the air and on surfaces. The patented UV-free and chemical-free technology is made in Finland.

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  • Cross-contamination

    Handling control strains and sample enrichment are possible sources of issues. Contaminated samples can ruin weeks or months worth of work.

  • False positives

    A production halt caused by false alarm for example in food industry is not only expensive, it can also damage your laboratory's credibility.

  • Staff health & safety

    Your most important asset can become exposed to dangerous diseases unless you have the best tools. In clinical labs your customers can be at risk too.

Replace dangerous UVC in biosafety cabinets

UVC tubes used in biosafety cabinets are not only dangerous to users but also an environmental hazard. Their use is not recommended and the EU RoHS directive is poised to ban them in the future.

Dangerous UVC tubes can now be retired and completely replaced with a 100% safe & sustainable alternative: Visible blue light disinfection by Spectral Blue™

No UV radiation. No tube changes. No mercury. No ozone. No need to vacate the room.

Watch a video of how you can install it in 30 seconds.

See featured article: What are the differences between UVC radiation and blue light?

See the device: SALO

Weighing rooms and storage areas

These are areas where it's possible for material residues becoming a growth platform for microbes.

Automatic environmental decontamination prevents microbial growth and reduces the risk of contamination of equipment and materials.

See the device: BERLIN

Clean workbenches every morning

Equip every workbench with a Spectral Blue device to keep the working surfaces and any equipment free of microbes.

You can have a microbe-free start every morning.

See the device: OSLO
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

    "Microbial exposure of our working environment and premises can constantly be retained on an appropriate level by using blue light. It's very suitable for this purpose, since it’s safe and does not harm materials."

    Read the complete customer story (pdf) 
  • BioLab at Nofima

    BioLab, part of the Norwegian food research institute, is an accredited contract and research laboratory. They use Spectral Blue to prevent cross-contamination and false positives.

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  • Optilab Sweden chose Spectral Blue for laboratory disinfection

    Optilab, Sweden

    Optilab chose Spectral Blue because they needed a safe, sustainable, and automatic measure to prevent cross-contamination.

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  • Nordic Laboratories

    Nordic Laboratories chose Spectral Blue for their biosafety cabinets to safeguard their quality and to protect their staff.

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Based on unique Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light technology

The patented technology of Spectral Blue makes blue light disinfection fast and effective against even the most difficult bacteria found in ultra-clean environments.

  • FAQ

    Check out frequently asked questions about blue light.

  • Science

    Learn more about the science behind visible blue light disinfection and see test results.

  • Devices

    See the lineup of plug&play Spectral Blue devices for laboratories here.

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