Al-Dawaa Medical Services (Distributor, Saudi Arabia)
Holm & Halby (Distributor, Denmark)
Lab-Ex Labortrading LTD (Distributor, Hungary)
Labolytic AS (Distributor, Norway)
LED Safe (Distributor, Finland)
P12 Medical (Distributor, Switzerland and Austria)
Prohinsa (Distributor, Spain)
Steripolar (Distributor, Finland)

OEM partners:

Brinter (OEM: 3D Bio-printers)
Gangi Germicidal Systems / Lindo (OEM: Aerospace and defense)
Halton (OEM: Healthcare and cleanroom ventilation systems)
Hella Marine (OEM: Cruise ship disinfection)
Plandent (OEM: Dental clinic disinfection equipment)
Profile Vehicles (OEM: Self-disinfecting ambulances)
Vetrospace (OEM: Ultra-clean meeting pods)

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