Hygiene requirements in healthcare are demanding, and high-quality disinfection of treatment facilities is in more and more significant role. The blue light system has been in use in our cars approximately for six months now. We have been satisfied, the equipment has worked properly and flawlessly",

- Mr. Jari Nyrhinen, the principal chief in medical transport from the procurement department of the Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department.

Ambulance patient compartment equipped with Spectral Blue disinfection system

Blue light disinfection for ambulances

It’s like ultraviolet light, but 100% safe for people and materials.

The patented Spectral Blue™ Multi-Wavelength, High-intensity (MWHI) blue light system is a safe and effective method for disinfecting air and surfaces. It uses visible blue light (no UV) to kill microbes.

Spectral Blue is effective on all bacteria, yeast, and mold - including multi-resistant strains. It inactivates also viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A.

Continuous disinfection - a gamechanger

Unlike traditional disinfection methods, Spectral Blue can operate continuously.

Use it while waiting, driving, escorting patient and at the station - practically whenever the patient compartment is unoccupied. The image shows the operation during a typical mission. Click here to see larger image.

This way the ambulance can be kept at the best hygienic level at all times.

Read more about continuous disinfection here.

Based on unique Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) technology

The patent-pending technology used by Spectral Blue makes blue light disinfection fast and effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and SARS-CoV-2.

Installation options

Replace your existing lights or just add blue light disinfection as stand-alone capability.

Tri-mode - Disinfection, trauma and white light in same device.

Dual-mode - Disinfection and white light in same device.

Single mode - Disinfection only.

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    There are already over 50 ambulances using the system in Finland and more to come throughout Europe.

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