Winning the battle against infections

Healthcare facilities and businesses all over the world have switched to safe disinfection with natural blue light.

Why blue light?

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Flick a switch and say goodbye to...

Mold & fungi

A solution that makes total sense

Smarter than chemical and UV disinfection, with none of the risks.
100% Automatic. 100% Sustainable. 100% Safe for people & materials.

Safe premises for all

Offices & retail

A safe return to normal begins with making your premises safe for customers and staff. The fully automatic Spectral Blue system continuously eliminates pathogens, preventing infections and reducing sick leaves.

Manufacturing & process industry

Our customers use blue light to eliminate contaminants in processes of food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Spectral Blue system is your automatic partner that tirelessly keeps facilities clean and microbe-free.


Leading hospitals throughout the world are using blue light to reduce surgical site infections and healthcare-associated infections. Our products are perfect for ORs, patient rooms, staff's premises and toilets.

Benefits - Why customers choose blue light

Safe & sustainable

No antimicrobial resistance

Automatic & consistent

Always the same high-quality
disinfection result.
Day in and day out.


Install and forget.
Maintenance-free operation
for up to 10 years

Natural & innovative

Blue is Clean™

Why blue light?