Spectral Blue eliminates pathogens in the air and on surfaces - safely and sustainably

Winning the battle against infections

Leading healthcare facilities and cleanroom operators have switched to safe and sustainable disinfection with natural blue light.

Spectral Blue is the world's most advanced blue light disinfection system. It kills microbes in the air and on surfaces automatically and continuously.

Why blue light?

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A solution that makes total sense

Smarter than chemicals and UV, and with none of their risks.
100% Automatic. 100% Sustainable. 100% Safe for people & materials.

  • Manufacturing & process industry cleanrooms

    Our customers use Spectral Blue to eliminate contamination risks in processes of food, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Spectral Blue system is your automatic partner that tirelessly keeps facilities clean and microbe-free.

    Solutions for cleanrooms & labs 
  • Healthcare & operating rooms

    Leading hospitals throughout the world are using blue light to reduce surgical site infections and healthcare-associated infections. Spectral Blue products are perfect for safe decontamination of ORs, patient rooms, laboratories, staff's premises and toilets.

    Solutions for healthcare & operating rooms 
  • Ambulances

    Spectral Blue disinfects the ambulance patient compartment automatically whenever the space is empty - even while driving. It saves the crew's time and increases the ambulance fleet's availability. We can uniquely custom-fit the solution inside your ambulance models.

    Ambulance OEM solutions 
  • Safe & sustainable

    No antimicrobial resistance

  • Automatic & consistent

    Always the same high-quality
    disinfection result.
    Day in and day out.

  • Economical

    Install and forget.
    Maintenance-free operation
    for up to 10 years

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Blue is Clean™

We believe that in the future blue will be recognised as the color of cleanliness as we nowadays perceive green as the color of ecological.

Blue is Clean™ is a sign of safe environment.

Why blue light?