Continuous disinfection: Spectral Blue keeps facilities hygienic the whole day

Spectral Blue disinfection devices emit multi-wavelength blue light (not UV!) that disinfects the room air and surfaces automatically and consistently.

Unlike hazardous chemicals and dangerous UVC radiation, the blue light is completely safe for people and materials. This means that you can use Spectral Blue for automated continuous disinfection, where it performs several consecutive short or long disinfection cycles during the day and night.

Spectral Blue - automated continuous disinfection - several consecutive disinfection cycles during the day

Continuous disinfection is a game-changer for cleanrooms, laboratories, and healthcare facilities

- A continuous disinfection deployment uses a motion sensor or a timer to switch the devices on and off during the day, to disinfect whenever the room is unoccupied. This works superbly in critical areas such as cleanroom cut-off rooms and airlocks.

- Deploying continuous disinfection will first gradually bring your microbe levels down, and then keep them down 24/7. This minimizes your facility's contamination risk and allows you to reduce the use of chemicals.

- Compared to traditional disinfection, Spectral Blue turns the contamination curve upside down: With chemical disinfection you can kill microbes quickly, but the effect does not last. Recontamination starts as soon as people start using the room again.

- With Spectral Blue you eliminate microbes throughout the day, keeping microbe levels down around the clock and preventing recontamination.

The concept of continuous disinfection - Blue light keeps facilities hygienic the whole day
Figure 1: Traditional, episodic disinfection compared to continuous disinfection with Spectral Blue. The traditional processes are designed for a momentary 4-log reduction when there are 24 hours in a day.

Customer case: Continuous disinfection in a pharmaceutical cleanroom facility

The below graph is a real-life example of how installing Spectral Blue in an ultraclean pharmaceutical facility would gradually bring bioburden to a lower level and then keep it very low (read the complete customer story here).

Effect of continuous disinfection in a pharmaceutical facility cleanroom
Figure 2: Measured surface contamination (CFU / 25 cm2) after deploying Spectral Blue in a personnel cut-off room of a pharmaceutical facility. Despite a thorough chemical disinfection protocol, there were contamination issues in the room. Spectral Blue brought the contamination down and then kept the level very low.

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