Next-generation Disinfection Technology

Advancements in LED technology have made it possible to build highly effective and safe disinfection devices utilizing antimicrobial blue light (aBL).

Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light is a patented technology that combines two or more antimicrobial blue light wavelengths with high intensity: 405 nm + 430-470 nm.

  • Much faster effect and more energy-efficient than old single-wavelength systems
  • Activates several light-absorbing compounds at the same time, not just one
  • Affects a much wider range of microbes, including multi-resistant strains
  • Does not promote the development of antimicrobial resistance

The MWHI technology has been developed and patented by LED Tailor and is exclusively used in Spectral Blue™ devices.

The UV-free, LED-based MWHI light eradicates all bacteria, yeasts, and molds while remaining entirely safe for people and materials. It is designed for continuous room disinfection and is effective against biofilms and multi-resistant strains.

Watch the short video below to understand the workings of MWHI technology. For more details on safety and efficacy, please download our technology brochure (link can found below).

Video - how Spectral Blue™ MWHI light affects microbes

New! Download MWHI technology brochure

Click to dowload a pdf copy of our technology brochure, explaining how automatic and continuous Spectral Blue disinfection works.

  • How it works
  • Continuous disinfection
  • Efficacy
  • Health & safety
  • Sustainability
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Customer testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about Spectral Blue and MWHI light.

  • Superior efficacy

    With MWHI, you can disinfect complete rooms in just 2-8 hours, not 8 weeks like with traditional 405 nm systems. Continuous disinfection keeps your facilities ultra-clean.

  • Effective on all bacteria, yeast and mold

    Multi-wavelength technology kills a wider range of microbes than traditional 405 nm systems. It's effective even on multi-resistant strains and biofilms.

  • Allows reducing the use of chemicals and UV

    The high disinfection performance of MWHI makes it a safe alternative for dangerous chemicals and UV light.

The disinfection times shown in the graph for traditional 405 nm are based on statements on the manufacturers' web and print materials. The disinfection time for Spectral Blue is based on laboratory tests carried out by independent labs and our OEM partners.