Listeria and Salmonella

Spectral Blue is effective against the most common foodborne pathogens found in production facilities.

Automated and continuous blue light disinfection can keep the production areas clean 24/7, without danger to staff.


Molds can reduce the shelf life of many foods, by causing visible growth and producing toxins.

Spectral Blue used continuously in the production and storage areas can eliminate airborne and surface-dwelling molds.


Daily washing with water creates good conditions for microbes to develop biofilms.

Biofilms can cause persistent contamination problems that are difficult to get rid of with traditional disinfection methods.

Spectral Blue can penetrate biofilm and kill the microbial colonies within.

Infection control at farms

Animal diseases such as avian influenza can cause disruptions in food production.

Deploying Spectral Blue in cut-off rooms at animal shelters reduces the risk of pathogens entering.

  • SeiLab put an end to a challenging Listeria contamination incident in their laboratory using the BERLIN plug & play device.

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  • Hankkija deployed blue light disinfection in their food and grain lab, where they screen samples for Salmonella spp.

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  • Optilab Sweden chose Spectral Blue for laboratory disinfection

    Optilab (part of Svenska Foder) installed a Spectral Blue BERLIN device in their laboratory. The device is used for preventing cross-contamination risks in the lab.

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  • BioLab at Nofima (Norway) deployed Spectral Blue OSLO device in their premises, where they routinely screen samples for Enterobacteriaceae, Listeria monocytogenes,and Salmonella.

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  • 100% Safe

    Spectral Blue is a touch-free, UV-free and chemical-free alternative to traditional disinfection methods.

    Reducing the use of chemicals and UVC improves workplace health and safety.

  • Consistent

    Automated continuous disinfection with Spectral Blue gives you the same high quality disinfection result every single day.

  • Sustainable

    LED-based devices have up to 50.000 hours lifetime, maintenance-free. They contain no mercury and require no tube changes.

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