Product naming convention

The names of all Spectral Blue disinfection products are based on the following simple system:

Each product has a name consisting of 3-5 parts:

Family name Form Power (W) Dual-mode Additional name


In the above example, 

  • Family name is SPECTRAL. All blue light products have the same family name.
  • The next block is the form-factor. P stands for "Panel".
    • Linear device = L,
    • Round device = R,
    • CL = Corner-Linear
    • FL = Flat-Linear
    • SL = Suspended-Linear
    • RL = Railed-Linear
  • The next block is the power in Watts. In this example our panel has 125 W blue light power.

The above 3 fields are given to all products. The below two apply only to some products.

  • If the product has it - DUAL means the device has Dual-mode, i.e. blue mode and general white light mode in the same body.
  • If the product has it - Additional name: most powerful units typically have an additional name that allows them to stand out - e.g. SPECTRAL L200 MAGNUM or SPECTRAL P125 DUAL MEDICAL.