The LED Tailor blue light surface disinfection system is now Spectral Blue™

29th April 2021 Helsinki, Finland and Halikko, Finland

Exciting news! The innovative surface disinfection solutions based on LED Tailor's unique blue light technology are from now on known as Spectral Blue.

The blue light system has been already adopted by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Now LED Tailor is expanding surface disinfection and infection prevention to other premises that require a high hygienic level.

With the expansion, LED Tailor announced several new product families. The new Spectral Blue product line up has been designed specifically for offices, hotels, retail, restaurants and public spaces.

The Spectral Blue system:

  • Is the world's fastest safe method for disinfecting indoor surfaces.
  • Delivers over 99% microbial reduction in under 30 minutes.
  • Is patent-pending and scientifically proven.