Spectral Blue OEM solutions

Interested in keeping your company's product microbe-free and safe for users and processes?

We provide tailored surface and air disinfection for industrial applications and equipment manufacturers (OEM customers).

Contact us and let's discuss about the possibilities.

  • Air ambulance disinfection - Lindo / Gangi Germicidal Systems, Australia

    Lindo and Gangi Germicidal Systems have developed a mobile disinfection device to reduce the spread of disease within aircraft. In a world first, their anti-microbial blue light (aBL) device, Lindo Mobile, can reduce highly infectious diseases by 99%.

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  • Brinter - 3D Bio-printers

    Built-in microbial decontamination makes bio-printing possible in normal office conditions.

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  • Halton - operating rooms

    Spectral Blue devices integrated in HEPA diffusers allow automatic decontamination of operating rooms and cleanrooms.

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  • Halton - cleanroom HEPA diffuser

    Halton Vita VHR HEPA diffuser features automatic Spectral Blue air and surface disinfection.

  • Ambulance patient compartment equipped with Spectral Blue disinfection system

    Profile Vehicles - Ambulances

    Ambulance crew can disinfect the ambulance between patients automatically - even while driving.

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  • Vetrospace - Clean meeting booths

    Safe meeting rooms with surface and air disinfection.

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  • Hella Marine - Cruise ship lighting

    Hella G102 is a marine-certified device for cruise ships and yachts. It provides automatic disinfection in critical areas such as casinos, restaurants, public restrooms and kitchens.

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