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Spectral Blue




The SALO blue light disinfection device is a direct replacement for dangerous and ozone-generating UVC radiation devices in biosafety cabinets and laminar hoods. It is held in place with two strong magnets*. You can plug it into any 230 volt outlet, either inside the cabinet or outside it. The SALO XL is a longer variant, meant for larger cabinets.

The device is equipped with a 3-meter cord. Meant to be used with 230 VAC outlets with protective earth. Magnetic metal plates for non-magnetic cabinets available as accessories.

* NEW: Mounting plates available as accessory for non-magnetic surfaces: SALO BASE

Also download our Plug & Play devices brochure here (pdf).

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Name: SALO
Ordering code: 23911 24071
Features MWHI blue light disinfection
Power consumption: 55 W 105 W
Weight: 2,2 kg 4 kg
Dimensions: L625 x H70 x W110 mm L1225 x H70 x W110 mm
Average lifetime: 50 000 h
Operating temperature: 0 - +40°C
Beam angle: 180°
Protection class: IP40
Materials: Aluminium + Steel + Glass
Installation: Magnets
Control method: on/off
Warranty: 1 year. Extended warranty available.
Certifications: CE

Product specifications are subject to change.