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Spectral Blue




The SALO blue light disinfection device is a direct replacement for dangerous and ozone-generating UVC radiation devices in biosafety cabinets and laminar hoods. It is held in place with two strong magnets. You can plug it into any 230 volt outlet, either inside the cabinet or outside it. The SALO XL is a longer variant, meant for larger cabinets.

The device is equipped with a 3-meter cord. Meant to be used with 230 VAC outlets with protective earth. 

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Name: SALO
Product number: LTI2391 LTI2407
Features MWHI blue light disinfection MWHI blue light disinfection
Power consumption: 55W 105W
Weight: 2,2kg 4kg
Dimensions: L625 x H70 x W110mm L1225 x H70 x W110mm
Average lifetime: 50 000h 50 000h
Operating temperature: 0 - +40°C 0 - +40°C
Beam angle: 180° 180°
Protection class: IP40 IP40
Materials: Aluminium + Steel + Glass Aluminium + Steel + Glass
Installation: Magnets
Control method: on/off on/off
Warranty: 1 year. Extended warranty available. 1 year. Extended warranty available.
Certifications: CE CE

Product specifications are subject to change.