Hankkija deploys automated Spectral Blue disinfection in their laboratory – chemical disinfectants no longer needed in cleaning

Hankkija deploys automated Spectral Blue disinfection in their laboratory – chemical disinfectants no longer needed in cleaning

Hankkija, a leading agricultural products and services company in Finland, has deployed the automated and continuous Spectral Blue disinfection in their grain and feed laboratory. The laboratory is a qualified facility handling a large number of samples every day from different sources and screening for Salmonella spp. bacteria.

Blue light disinfection by Spectral Blue in use in Hankkija's microbiology laboratory

Thanks to Spectral Blue, the laboratory is automatically kept at such a high hygienic level that Hankkija has been able to stop using chemical disinfectants altogether in cleaning. The laboratory has also been able to reduce their weekly cleaning schedule from five times per week to twice per week. The cost savings and improved sustainability of operations show that changing to Spectral Blue brings instant benefits to professional organizations.

Virpi Suominen, laboratory manager at Hankkija, says that they invested in Spectral Blue for its unique capability to automatically prevent expensive contamination incidents. It makes their staff’s work easier when they know they can always trust the analysis results. At the same time, the health and safety of the staff handling pathogens is safeguarded.

The deployment covers the microbiology laboratory rooms and equipment maintenance room, and consists of. dual-mode P100 ceiling panel devices and single-mode L100 devices. The system is fully automated, providing continuous disinfection outside working hours, controlled by timers and motion sensors.

Hankkija's microbiology laboratory handles screening of Salmonella in grain products

For more information, please contact:

Jarmo Ikonen, Sales Director, LED Tailor
Tel.: +358 40 849 61 17
Email: jarmo.ikonen@ledtailor.fi

Virpi Suominen, Laboratory Manager, Hankkija
Email: virpi.suominen@hankkija.fi

Hankkija, a part of the Danish Agro group, is a nationwide Finnish store and service chain for agriculture-related products. Hankkija's trading and delivery chain has full traceability, as well as quality-, in-house control- and food safety schemes. Quality and safety of products are secured in Hankkija's own grain and feed laboratories by continuous analysis program.

Spectral Blue by LED Tailor is a touch-free, UV-free and chemical-free disinfection system for cleanrooms, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. The system uses antimicrobial blue light (aBL) to automatically kill microbes in the air and on surfaces. Spectral Blue is effective against all bacteria, yeast and mold. It works against multi-resistant strains and biofilm. Read more at spectral.blue/laboratories

Grain and feed laboratory of Hankkija has deployed blue light disinfection by Spectral Blue

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