LED Tailor and Spectral Blue win the URBAN TECH hackathon healthcare track

LED Tailor and Spectral Blue win the URBAN TECH hackathon healthcare track

The URBAN TECH results are in and LED Tailor with its Spectral Blue technology has been chosen as the top solution in the healthcare challenge:

"Disinfection solution and cross infection prevention in healthcare"

Automatic and continuous disinfection of air and surfaces with multi-wavelength, high-intensity (MWHI) blue light can effectively prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAI) / cross infection in hospital facilities, making them safer for both patients and staff.

- The problem with HAIs is huge in Europe and around the world; according to ECDC, already one in three such infections in Europe are caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The multi-wavelength blue light generated by Spectral Blue devices kills effectively also multi-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE.

- Thanks to Spectral Blue, the use of harmful chemical disinfectants can also be reduced by using light, saving staff from health problems and the environment from toxic waste waters.

The hackathon event was held in Kaunas, Lithuania between the 18th and 19th November 2022 and was attended by Jarmo Ikonen, Sales Director of LED Tailor.

The next stage will be training and preparation together with a key mentor for pilot project planning.

The EU Horizon 2020 (H2020) INNOSUP-funded project URBAN TECH helps startups to develop new industrial value chains in emerging Health Tech, Smart City and Green Tech sectors, shaping a healthier, smarter and greener urban environment of the future. More information about URBAN TECH and the Open Call 2022 can be read at the URBAN TECH website.

Click here to see also the winners announcement at the Tech-Park Kaunas website.

Update 2022-12-19: Click here to see final list of winners from all URBAN TECH 2022 hackathon events on URBAN TECH website (pdf)

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