Nofima chooses blue light disinfection by Spectral Blue™ for their laboratory

Nofima chooses blue light disinfection by Spectral Blue™ for their laboratory

Nofima, The Norwegian food research institute, is a renowned provider of research-based knowledge and innovations for the food industry. They operate an accredited contract and research laboratory named BioLab.

Nofima BioLab chooses Spectral Blue disinfection for laboratory

Biolab routinely tests samples coming from various segments of the food system, specifically for Enterobacteriaceae, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella. As a part of these tests, they frequently employ control strains. This involves intentionally spiking samples with live control strains to serve as positive controls.

The handling and storage of control strains and spiked samples is a delicate process, carrying the inherent risk of cross-contamination.

With the deployment of the Spectral Blue device and having it on at nights in the laboratory, Nofima has successfully introduced an additional, automated safeguard against the risks associated with:

  • Cross-contamination between samples,
  • False positives, and
  • Potential exposure of staff to harmful pathogens.

This strategic integration of the Spectral Blue technology has significantly enhanced the safety and efficiency of Nofima's laboratory practices. The instrument of choice for Biolab was (naturally) the Spectral Blue OSLO plug & play blue light device.

The highest level of quality assurance and unwavering commitment to occupational health and safety are core values for Nofima. The decision to adopt Spectral Blue technology for automating laboratory disinfection was therefore easily made.

Plans for subsequent installations within Nofima are already underway.

More information:

Labolytic, Spectral Blue distributor in Norway
Tor Rikard Lie, Product Manager, food safety products
Tel.: (+47) 900 15 947

Karin Henricson, Global Sales Director, Laboratory equipment, Spectral Blue by LED Tailor
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