Optilab chooses Spectral Blue BERLIN for laboratory disinfection

Optilab chooses Spectral Blue for disinfecting laboratory rooms

Ulf Thorpert, laboratory manager, and Annika Liljeskog, laboratory assistant, of Optilab tell us why they chose the Spectral Blue™ BERLIN plug & play device for disinfecting their laboratory.

“The simplicity and safety of the device got us initially interested. Safety of staff and the environment are very important values for Optilab.

Having simple automation for safeguarding the cleanliness of our laboratory is of course fantastic too. The blue light reaches places that are difficult to disinfect with chemicals.

In our work, it’s critical to prevent cross contamination. Having blue light alongside our regular cleaning routines gives us peace of mind that everything is under control.

We are primarily using it in the room where we analyze samples for Salmonella. We have set it on a table and use it at night. We also like the portability of the device - it’s easy to move to another room whenever needed.”

Optilab uses Spectral Blue disinfection in Salmonella analysis room

Optilab is a leading Swedish analysis laboratory with over 30 years of experience in analyzing animal feed and grain, both chemically and bacteriologically. They provide fast and safe quality analyzes for mold and toxins in agricultural products. Their parent company, Svenska Foder, supplies a variety of animal feed and crop production products to agriculture, and cereal products to the food industry.
Read more at at https://www.svenskafoder.se/optilab-din-analyspartner/ (in Swedish)

Spectral Blue by LED Tailor is a touch-free, UV-free and chemical-free disinfection system for cleanrooms, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. The system uses antimicrobial blue light (aBL) to automatically kill microbes in the air and on surfaces. Spectral Blue is effective against all bacteria, yeast and mold. It works against multi-resistant strains and biofilm.
Read more at spectral.blue/laboratories

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