P12 Medical and LED Tailor partner to provide automatic disinfection for the healthcare and veterinary sectors in Switzerland and Austria

P12 Medical and LED Tailor partner to provide automatic disinfection for the healthcare and veterinary sectors in Switzerland and Austria

We are thrilled to announce that P12 Medical GmbH and LED Tailor Oy have entered into distribution partnership for bringing the Spectral Blue disinfection products into the Swiss and Austrian healthcare and veterinary markets.

P12 Medical is focused on bringing innovative new technologies to the Swiss market, including medical devices and instruments for healthcare practitioners. In addition to human healthcare, P12 Medical provides innovative new products for veterinary care, which is a rapidly growing sector.

The Spectral Blue products by LED Tailor provide automatic and continuous disinfection of whole rooms and equipment in healthcare facilities, and in other facilities such as pharmaceutical cleanrooms and laboratories. The products utilize patented Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) blue light technology to eliminate microbes and biofilm. The automatic Spectral Blue disinfection technology can reduce the risk of cross-infections in care facilities.

Spectral Blue and P12 Medical representatives at IAFP Symposium 2024, Geneva, Switzerland

Andrea Ziegler of P12 Medical and Karin Henricson of Spectral Blue at IAFP Symposium 2024, Geneva

"We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations and partners that offer added value for health and new technological applications in healthcare, veterinary medicine or related fields. Spectral Blue technology is a next-generation disinfection method that can eliminate multi-resistant pathogens and save lives by reducing the risk of patient infections", says Andrea Ziegler, Managing Director of P12 Medical.

"The Swiss and Austrian healthcare and veterinary sectors can immensely benefit from the automatic disinfection technology that we provide, and we are very happy about the partnership with P12 Medical. We believe that P12 Medical's skills and experience in bringing new technologies into their home markets are a great fit for us", continues Dr. Michel Schmidt, CEO of LED Tailor.

For more information, please contact:

Andrea Ziegler, Managing Director at P12 Medical
Tel.: +41 44 500 3434
Email: andrea.ziegler@p12medical.ch
Web: https://p12medical.ch/en/

Dr. Michel Schmidt, CEO at LED Tailor
Email: michel.schmidt@ledtailor.com
Web: www.spectral.blue

LED Tailor is a Finnish life-science company specializing in the development and manufacture of chemical-free disinfection solutions based on visible blue light. Our solutions contribute to better surface hygiene and air quality in cleanrooms, laboratories, healthcare facilities, and sites with indoor air quality issues.

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