Spectral Blue BERLIN disinfection device in use at SeiLab

SeiLab eradicated Listeria contamination from laboratory with Spectral Blue

SeiLab is an accredited food and environmental research laboratory providing services to the food industry and agriculture. In addition to food and water analyses, SeiLab also conducts soil, manure, and feed analyses as well as other analyses for companies, individuals, and authorities.

In one of their laboratories, under regular contamination monitoring, SeiLab had observed Listeria contamination in the waste disposal room. Despite increased cleaning and chemical disinfection procedures, the Listeria findings proved difficult to eradicate completely. Several PCR positive samples were found, for example on the surfaces of an autoclave. Especially the seams on the machine’s exterior gave positive PCR results repeatedly. While cultivated samples were negative, the contamination problem had to be remediated without delay.

Spectral Blue BERLIN disinfection device in use at SeiLab laboratory

Increased chemical disinfection efforts were taken but were not able to eliminate the contamination. SeiLab then decided to purchase a Spectral Blue BERLIN plug & play blue light disinfection device. The device was placed in the waste disposal room and pointed towards the known contaminated surfaces.

After a few days of use, the Listeria contamination could no longer be found.
Spectral Blue proved to be an effective solution for putting an end to our Listeria contamination incident. We will certainly keep using it as part of our daily contamination control processes from now on. The fact that it’s safe and portable means we can easily use it in different parts of the laboratory as needed”, says Anne Kinnunen, quality manager and microbiologist at SeiLab.

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Anne Kinnunen, Quality manager, microbiologist, SeiLab Oy

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