Spectral Blue featured in solutions for Future Hospitals

Spectral Blue featured in solutions for Future Hospitals

The automatic and safe Spectral Blue disinfection system is featured (twice!) in the recent "Future Hospitals from Finland" publication by Business Finland. See section infection control and pages about Halton and Spectral Blue.

A quote from the Business Finland site:

"Future Hospitals from Finland brochure presents expertise related to future-proof hospitals, which are sustainable, digital and innovative. It introduces the Finnish ecosystem contributing into the continuous innovation and improvement in the health sector.

Finnish health technology is already widely used globally, from medical equipment such as operating room equipment in the world's leading Nordic hospitals, to advanced AI based analysis tools applied by American hospital clinics.

We hope this brochure will inspire to new international dialogue, partnerships and collaboration for securing resilient and sustainable health systems for the future," says Terhi Rasmussen, Global Opportunity Leader, Health & Wellbeing from Business Finland.

See the Future Hospitals presentation on Business Finland's website (click here).

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