Spectral Blue reduced sickness absence by 70% in a daycare center

Spectral Blue™ reduced sickness absence by 70% in a daycare center

Spectral Blue system reduces sickness absence by 70% - a significant saving for employers

Sickness absence has decreased significantly at Aurinkoleijona's daycare center in Salo, Finland for two years in a row. In 2019, the daycare center introduced an automatic disinfection system based on blue light in its toilets and wet rooms to reduce the spread of infections among children and staff. The results were compared with another unit not equipped with blue light. The findings are astonishing.

- The staff's sickness absence at the unit in Salo had dropped to a third compared to the unit in Halikko, where no automatic disinfection system has been put into use, says Aurinkoleijona's unit manager Päivi Isopuro.
The result has now led Aurinkoleijona's daycare to invest in blue light disinfection for all its units. The investment also has a beneficial effect on the local community; if the children stay healthy, the parents can be at work. Now that remote working is decreasing and societies are beginning to reopen, it’s great to have such technology that makes it possible to safely return to work.

Blue light keeps the surfaces constantly clean

The Spectral Blue technology uses natural visible blue light and has been developed to combat both gastrointestinal epidemics and troublesome seasonal flu. The innovation is based on many years of research and a patented technology, which in contrast to UV light, is completely safe for both people and surfaces. Visible blue light destroys the microbes both in the air and on the surfaces.

The technology destroys all microbes such as coronavirus, influenza virus and antibiotic-resistant bacteria (including MRSA) and effectively reduces the spread of infections. In contrast to chemical disinfection solutions, the blue light works constantly and keeps the spaces safe and microbial-free around the clock, not just occasionally. The technology does not cause any harmful side effects, neither for the environment nor its users. Therefore, Spectral Blue™ is rapidly beginning to replace traditional disinfection methods that are harmful for both the environment and their users.

- In day care centers and offices, it is usually sufficient for toilets and other common areas, such as meeting rooms and the space by the coffee machine or staff rooms, to be equipped with Spectral Blue disinfection system. The products look like ordinary lamps and can be installed stationary in the ceiling or used as portable units on wheels that can be moved when needed, says Jacob Roos at Ledsafe Oy. The investment pays for itself in a very short time and since the product is very long-lasting, we are talking about an investment with a lifespan of 10 years.

- In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we now see an increasing number of flu and cold cases, and the symptoms are also more troublesome. In a typical of a workplace sickness absence costs thousands of euros annually per worker. It is a relatively small investment that is needed to remarkably save costs and keep staff healthy and productivity high, states Camilla Höglund, LED Tailor's leading scientist and expert in optogenetics and microbiology.

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