OEM Solution: 3D bio-printer with integrated blue light disinfection

Brinter 3D bio-printer with blue light disinfection inside

LED Tailor has partnered with Brinter, the world's leading provider of 3D bioprinters.

3D bioprinter is a 3D printer that can be used to print living biological materials. The uses of 3D bioprinting range from cancer research to printing human “spare parts” such as meniscus, kidneys, hearts, or even brains.

With its 3D bioprinters, Brinter aims to help save lives through more personalized treatment. For example, researchers can print 3D cancerous cells and track how they communicate with each other, allowing researchers to identify the best individual drugs to treat the disease.

Their latest innovation for making bioprinting more affordable and accessible for researchers everywhere is to integrate LED Tailor's Spectral Blue™ disinfection technology inside the printer. Blue light eliminates any unwanted bacteria and viruses inside the printer and prevents contamination of printed items. This allows Brinter's customers to use the device even in regular office spaces - the customer doesn't need a sophisticated clean room anymore.