OEM Solution: Ferry with automatically disinfecting restrooms

Aurora Botnia - the world's most environmentally friendly ferry is equipped with disinfecting blue light system

Safe journeys! Aurora Botnia, the world's most environmentally friendly car and passenger ferry, may well be the world's safest vessel too: It's equipped with LED Tailor's automatic Spectral Blue™ disinfection technloogy to prevent infections onboard.

The ferry operates on the route between Vaasa, Finland, and Umeå, Sweden. It uses all the latest sustainable technologies and is powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). For infection safety, its public restrooms are equipped with blue light emitting Spectral Blue disinfection devices that automatically and continuously eliminate pathogens from the air and surfaces. The visible blue light is 100% safe for people and interior materials.

Hella Marine and LED Tailor have worked together to harness this revolutionary technology for maritime use, allowing vessels to reduce the use of chemicals and prevent epidemics onboard. We are proud and thrilled to be able to help the shipping industry in this transformation towards a more sustainable future and to provide the safest possible environment for passengers and crews.

We'd like to thank our partners at RMC and Wasalines for the opportunity to be involved in this fascinating project.

- The devices in the restrooms are Hella Marine G102 WA, providing both general white light and disinfecting blue light. A smart DALI system is used for controlling the lights: they switch to blue when the room is unoccupied and back to white when people enter. 

Restroom in white light mode onboard Aurora Botnia

Restroom in blue light mode onboard Aurora Botnia

Hella Marine Cruise Ship Lighting

Tested for maritime use - the Hella Marine G102 WA is the solution of choice for passenger vessels, and it works great in land-based buildings too. The device and power adapters are packed neatly in the same housing, making the unit quick to install and deploy in all environments.

The device provides regular white light as well as disinfecting blue light and is suitable for all areas on the ship.

Hella Marine OEM product - G102 cruise ship light with disinfection