OEM solution: Halton's integrated operating room ventilation with blue light disinfection

Halton integrated operating room ventilation with disinfection devices by LED TailorHalton's integrated operating room ventilation system with blue light disinfection

New hope in the fight against infections and antimicrobial resistance in hospitals: We are proud to announce the cooperation between Halton and LED Tailor, bringing a joint solution for providing the highest hygienic level in operating rooms and other healthcare premises!

Preventing surgical-site infections (SSI) and other healthcare-associated infections (HAI) has a major impact in the wellbeing and safety of patients and staff, and allows hospitals to save an enormous amount of money and resources annually.

Read more how our unique, integrated solution comprising smart ventilation and natural blue light disinfection benefits both the patients and the hospital: Halton's press release (May 25, 2021)