OEM Solution: Self-cleaning ambulances by Profile Vehicles

OEM solution: Spectral Blue disinfects ambulances automatically

Ambulances are a crucial part of our first response care. One ambulance can provide care and transport for several patients during the day. To guarantee the safety of the patients and the ambulance staff, it is important to maintain a high hygienic level inside the car.

The leading ambulance manufacturer Profile Vehicles is equipping their ambulances with the world's most advanced surface disinfection solution, the Spectral Blue™ disinfection system that uses #natural and #safe blue light. The driver turns on the automatic disinfection system after a patient has been delivered to hospital and the car is waiting for the next call.

— The pandemic has increased requirements for hygiene and cleaning. Compared to UV light, blue light disinfection does not damage people or the indoor surfaces, says Profile Vehicle Product Development Director Eino Laukkanen.

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