OEM solution: Vetrospace meeting booths

Blue light and photocatalytic coating guarantee the high hygienic level of Vetrospace meeting boothsVetrospace meeting booths can be equipped with blue light disinfection system

News: Vetrospace provided safe meeting cabinets for #slush2021 event. Countless new deals and funding opportunities were made possible by the COVID-free, safe environment provided by Spectral Blue technology.  


Vetrospace manufactures versatile and adaptive space solutions providing a combination of sound reduction, glass surfaces and efficient use of space. Clients are offered the very best conditions for air quality and hygiene. It was decided that lighting solutions should be tailored to each space as the design finish of the products was to be retained.


LED Tailor designed disinfection devices with the style and features to suit the CleanSpace range of booths. Both white general lighting and blue disinfection lighting that destroys bacteria, mold and yeasts, are in the same device. In addition to LED Tailor disinfection system, the HealthSpace range of booths utilizes the LED Tailor photocatalytic coating which is used to boost the effects of the blue light to also destroy viruses and harmful VOCs for example.
Vetrospace commissioned an external laboratory for microbial testing, where surface microbes were found to have been reduced by over 92% thanks to LED Tailor’s photon disinfection devices.


“Our cooperation has run very smoothly and the microbial test results exceeded my expectations. By utilizing LED Tailor’s technology, new business opportunities have opened up to us.”
-Jouko Urpolahti, CEO