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Spectral Blue



The HELSINKI blue light disinfection device is a powerful and versatile plug and play unit with 360 degree illumination and 230 W power. Its sleek design, high disinfection power, and wide angle require no compromises. 

It has been designed for clinical laboratories, doctor's offices, dental and veterinary clinics and other spaces with rigorous standards of hygiene, but where the device is visible to clients. 

The device is equipped with a 3-meter cable with plug. Meant to be used with 230 VAC outlets with protective earth. 

Also download our Plug & Play devices brochure here (pdf).

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Name: Helsinki
Ordering code: 17761
Features MWHI blue light disinfection
Power consumption: 230 W
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: L1625 x D470
Average lifetime: 50 000 h
Operating temperature: 0 - +40°C
Beam angle: 360°
Protection class: IP40
Materials: Aluminium + Steel + Plastic
Installation: Wheels
Control method: on/off
Warranty: 1 year. Extended warranty available.
Certifications: CE

Product specifications are subject to change.