Green laser makes the case for blue light and continuous disinfection of restrooms

Green laser makes the case for blue light and continuous disinfection of restrooms

An interesting new study by University of Colorado, USA: "Shining a light on what comes up when you flush".

Researchers illuminated a toilet seat with green laser light to make the invisible aerosol droplets visible to human eyes. The study shows how infections virus and bacterial droplets can forcefully spread into the air and across the room when a toilet is flushed.

The following three paragraphs are quotes from the CU article:

“People have known that toilets emit aerosols, but they haven't been able to see them,” said Crimaldi. “We show that this thing is a much more energetic and rapidly spreading plume than even the people who knew about this understood.”

"The study found that these airborne particles shoot out quickly, at speeds of 6.6 feet (2 meters) per second, reaching 4.9 feet (1.5 meters) above the toilet within 8 seconds. While the largest droplets tend to settle onto surfaces within seconds, the smaller particles (aerosols less than 5 microns, or one-millionth of a meter) can remain suspended in the air for minutes or longer."

"It’s not only their own waste that bathroom patrons have to worry about. Many other studies have shown that pathogens can persist in the bowl for dozens of flushes, increasing potential exposure risk."

It's clear that disinfecting the facilities manually once per day or once per week cannot keep the premises safe - whenever a user flushes, the whole room can be contaminated again.

Luckily there is a solution: Continuous disinfection with Spectral Blue keeps your facilities hygienic 24/7.

.. as witnessed by our customer: 70% reduction in daycare center's staff sick leave after installing Spectral Blue in restrooms.

Read the full article at UC website.

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