Termis conference 2023 in Boston

TERMIS 2023, Boston, USA

Our OEM partner Brinter attended the TERMIS (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society) conference in Boston in April.

Brinter is a leading manufacturer of bioprinters for versatile medical and research applications. In collaboration with LED Tailor, Brinter designs bioprinters with built-in aBL (antimicrobial blue light) disinfection components. The aBL integration allows the printers to be operated safely even outside cleanrooms, making their use more flexible.

You can read more about our partnership with Brinter here.

The Brinter team attended the conference to showcase for the first time the modular ONE 3D bioprinter, with integrated aBL module. ONE 3D is highly flexible and customizable solution that provides multiple printing modalities in the same platform.


Image:  The ONE 3D modular bioprinter with blue light
disinfection module



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