• People flow

    70-80% of contamination found in cleanrooms can be human-associated.

  • Material flow

    5-15% of contamination found in cleanrooms can result from the handling of materials, equipment and water.

  • Air flow and ventilation

    10% of contamination found in cleanrooms can be associated with problems in airflows and ventilation.

Ensure hygienic conditions in clean manufacturing processes

Automatic prevention of contamination in cleanrooms

Microbiological contamination in cleanrooms can typically be traced back to changing rooms and cut-off rooms.

The cure is easy: Install Spectral Blue™ devices in these areas and let automation deal with contamination. The system fights continuously against bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi - even through biofilm - keeping your premises hygienic 24/7.

No manual effort. No health & safety issues. No staff training. It just works.

100% safe UV-free disinfection for lab equipment

A perfect replacement for dangerous UVC inside equipment

UVC tubes used in biosafety cabinets, incubators and other laboratory equipment are not only dangerous to users but also an environmental problem. Their use is therefore not recommended and the EU RoHS directive is poised to ban them soon.

The good news is that dangerous UVC tubes can now be retired and completely replaced with a 100% safe & sustainable disinfection solution: Visible blue light disinfection by Spectral Blue™

No UV radiation. No tube changes. No mercury. No ozone. No need to vacate the room. This is the future of hygiene control. Available for equipment makers (OEM) now.

Spectral Blue reduces airborne particles in cleanrooms

Reduce particles at the flick of a switch

Based on years of monitoring, Spectral Blue™ has been shown to reduce the amount of particles in the air.

Salofa Oy, a medical supplies manufacturer, installed Spectral Blue in their facility in 2015.

The number of particles less than 1.0 μm in size was reduced by more than 98%. The number particles of 1.0–5.0 μm in size was reduced by over 60%. Click here to see the complete graph.

Based on unique Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) technology

The patent-pending technology used by Spectral Blue makes blue light disinfection fast and effective against even the most difficult bacteria found in ultra-clean environments.

  • Thermo Fisher microbiological lab

    Thermo Fisher Scientific is using Spectral Blue both inside biosafety cabinets as well as in the laboratory ceiling to disinfect the whole room. The system is used to limit the release of microbes outside the premises.

  • Halton cleanroom ventilation unit

    Our OEM customer Halton, the leading vendor of hospital and cleanroom air ventilation systems, integrated Spectral Blue technology directly in their HEPA filtered air vents.

  • Sterile goods storage, Mikkeli Central Hospital

    The storage facility is a critical node in the hospital’s logistics. Spectral Blue helps in keeping the room and the goods free of microbes 24/7 - without human effort.

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