Why we need automatic disinfection and blue light?

Why we need automatic and continuous blue light disinfection

The world has changed. All organisations are looking for more sustainable and healthier ways to do business — looking for ways to reduce chemical load, save water and eliminate toxic substances from their processes.

The disinfection solutions of yesterday - chemicals and ultraviolet radiation - are not compatible with these aims.

Exposure to strong chemical disinfectants causes long-term health issues for workers. Production and use of chemicals is also a major cause of environmental damages. The disinfection performance of a chemical disinfectant also always depends on the human operator - which is why real-life performance always falls far short of results obtained in laboratory conditions.

Ultraviolet radiation* (UVC) is highly dangerous for people and materials. Therefore it can only be used with strict safety measures and when people are not present in the room. UVC tubes also generate ozone and become toxic waste (mercury) after their short lifespan.

Built on these toxic and dangerous methods, the current processes for surface disinfection are aiming for momentary 4-log (99.99%) microbial reduction when there are 24 hours in a day. This is an approach that leaves your facilities contaminated for the rest of the day.

What's worse, the uncontrolled use of these methods can promote the development of new, resistant strains of pathogens that are even harder to eliminate.

Enter blue light: Next-generation disinfection technology

Spectral Blue is a new, automatic and touch-free method for disinfecting indoor air and surfaces. It uses visible blue light that is 100% safe for people and materials. Spectral Blue devices use long-life LED technology and contain no mercury, making them much more sustainable than old solutions.

Spectral Blue makes disinfection automatic and continuous, which means that you get the same high quality result every day. The disinfection cycle can be done safely several times per day without any input from a human operator.

Continuous disinfection first gradually pushes the microbe levels down and then keeps them down. When being constantly suppressed by blue light, microbes cannot grow back to their original levels. Continuous use of blue light will effectively eliminate microbial colonies inside biofilms as well.

Multi-wavelength blue light allows you to reduce the use of chemicals while maintaining or improving the hygienic level. It also allows users to get rid of dangerous UVC radiation used in biosafety cabinets.

Who is it for?

Spectral Blue is highly recommended for cleanrooms in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing and for laboratories handling pathogens. Healthcare facilities can also immensely benefit from the convenience and performance of Spectral Blue.

We invite you to read some of our customer testimonials to learn about real-life experiences from using Spectral Blue.

Further reading:

* UVC radiation is known to cause DNA damage to humans and to cause severe eye damage. UVC also degrades indoor materials, especially polymers, such as plastics, and pigments (damage to equipment, brittleness, discoloring of surface / paint).