Why blue light?

The world has changed. All organisations are looking for more sustainable and healthier ways to do business — looking for ways to reduce chemical load, save water and eliminate toxic substances from their processes.

The pandemic has also reminded us about the critical importance of good hygiene practices in preventing the spread of pathogens and keeping our societies open. Leading businesses, governments and healthcare operators alike have stepped up to protect their staff and customers from infections with increased disinfection measures.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently declared that antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and especially the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity.

Yet the old world solutions for disinfecting are not working: Strong chemicals cause long-term health issues and environmental damage. Ultraviolet (UV-C*) is highly dangerous for people and materials. UVC tubes also generate ozone and become toxic waste (mercury) after their short lifespan. What's worse, the uncontrolled use of these methods can promote the development of new, resistant strains of pathogens that are even harder to eliminate.

What if we told you that there is a 100% safe, 100% sustainable and 100% economical disinfection solution that you can deploy in virtually any environment? And it comes without any of the adverse effects of the legacy methods.

And this is reality today. The solution is called visible blue light and Spectral Blue is the world's most advanced blue light disinfection system. Spectral Blue is already in use in operating rooms, ambulances and cleanrooms for automatic decontamination.

See full comparison between Spectral Blue and UVC and chemicals.

* UVC is known to cause DNA damage to humans and to cause severe eye damage. UVC also degrades indoor materials, especially polymers, such as plastics, and pigments (discoloring of wall paint).

Natural & safe blue light disinfects indoor surfaces automatically

Visible blue light is a natural disinfectant that has been with us always. The germicidal effect of blue light has been known for decades, with over 2000 peer-reviewed scientific articles proving its efficacy.

Since 2014, LED Tailor R&D has perfected the technology needed to bring blue light disinfection into reality. We are the first company in Europe to use blue light for surface disinfection and our products have been shown to be 5-10 x more effective than closest competition. Read more about our patent-pending MWHI technology here.

We started from the most critical environments, hospital ORs, and have now brought the solution available for cleanrooms, ambulances, offices, retail, public spaces, cruise ships and more. 

The blue light system is already being used for securing the safe production of food and beverages, restraining epidemics, preventing healthcare-associated infections, and answering the purity needs of cleanrooms.

The system in a nutshell

Spectral Blue by LED Tailor is the world's most advanced surface disinfection system. It uses patent-pending Multi-Wavelength, High-Intensity (MWHI) technology that combines two or more germicidal blue wavelengths.

The Spectral Blue system consists of blue light disinfection devices, control automation and optional photocatalytic coating of surfaces.

The system can be deployed in virtually any kind of facility. Because it is safe for people and automatic, no extra training is required for your staff.

Scientifically proven efficacy

There are over 2000 peer-reviewed articles on the efficacy of visible blue light against different microbes. Blue light can eliminate all gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria - including antibiotic-resistant strains, yeasts, molds and lipid-enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A. When combined with our photocatalytic coating, the system is extremely effective against all viruses, VOCs, odours and spores too.

Read more about the scientific background.


  • Safe & Sustainable - The UV-free & chemical-free system is based on natural blue light that is harmless to people and materials, and promotes no antimicrobial resistance.
  • Automatic & Consistent - You get the same high quality disinfection results every day, without human input.
  • Economical - Just install it and it operates for years and years, without any maintenance or human input.
  • Continuous disinfection - Safe blue light can be used throughout the day to keep facilities hygienic 24/7, not just once per day.


  • Preventing infections by disinfecting complete rooms (both air and surfaces).
  • Preventing the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals.
  • Decontamination in manufacturing processes & cleanrooms.
  • Reduction of airborne particles (organic and inorganic).
  • Improving air quality by removing VOCs and odors.