Next-generation disinfection technology

Breakthroughs in LED technology have enabled the creation of highly efficient disinfection devices utilizing antimicrobial blue light (aBL).

Spectral Blue™ is a touch-free, UV-free, and chemical-free blue light disinfection system for cleanrooms, laboratories, and healthcare facilities.

It's based on patented Multi-Wavelength blue light technology.

Why blue light?

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A solution that makes total sense

Smarter than chemicals and UV, and with none of their risks.
100% Automatic. 100% Sustainable. 100% Safe for people & materials.

Plug & play series

See our latest lineup of blue light disinfection devices for instant use - no electrical installation required.

  • Prevent contamination risks in cleanrooms

    Our customers use Spectral Blue to disinfect cut-off rooms and material airlocks. The automatic and continuous blue light disinfection prevents contamination from entering production areas.

    Solutions for cleanrooms 
  • Stop cross-contamination in laboratories

    Laboratories handling pathogens use Spectral Blue to prevent cross-contamination, false positives and to reduce the risk of staff being exposed to diseases. We have products for biosafety cabinets, workbenches and whole rooms.

    Solutions for laboratories 
  • Automated blue light disinfection can eliminate microbial contamination in food industry

    Prevent contamination in food manufacturing

    Our customers use Spectral Blue to prevent microbial contamination risks in food production. Production areas, QA laboratories, personnel cut-off rooms and storage areas are common deployment targets.

    Solutions for food industry 
  • Prevent healthcare-associated infections

    Leading hospitals throughout the world are using blue light to reduce surgical site infections and healthcare-associated infections. Spectral Blue products are perfect for safe decontamination of ORs, patient rooms, laboratories and staff's quarters.

    Solutions for healthcare & operating rooms 
  • Automatically disinfect ambulances

    Spectral Blue disinfects the ambulance patient compartment automatically whenever the space is empty - even while driving. It saves the crew's time and increases the ambulance fleet's availability. We can uniquely custom-fit the solution inside your ambulance models.

    Ambulance OEM solutions 
  • Safe & sustainable

    Does not promote the development of antimicrobial resistance

  • Automatic & consistent

    Always the same high-quality
    disinfection result.
    Day in and day out.

  • Economical

    Install and forget.
    Maintenance-free operation
    for up to 10 years

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Blue is Clean™

We believe that in the future blue will be recognised as the color of cleanliness as we nowadays perceive green as the color of ecological.

Blue is Clean™ is a sign of safe environment.

Why blue light?